Top 5 PC Games of 2019

We have already seen a long list of PC games releasing in 2019. Most of the new games have already established a huge fan following and are getting popular day by day. However, for someone looking to play some newly launched and good PC game it can be a heck of a task to pick one game. So, to make your life easier here is our list of five best PC games of 2019. This list will help you in deciding which game you should play next.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3This release is for true gamers. By if any means you are not a hardcore gamer or you are someone who does not want to play the same level again and again until you fix your slight mistakes to complete the level then I am sorry this game is not for you. You will enjoy this game to the fullest when you try to learn from your failures and not repeat the same mistake again.

It will not be wrong if I say “it follows hit and trial method.” In Dark Souls III you will have to make mistakes to find out the ultimate way to winning the battles. It may not be possible to win the fight in the first attempt but if you do then consider yourself lucky.


FirewatchThis game has an adamant line. The gameplay may not be as per your expectations, but the extraordinary story line and amazing graphics make up for it. It has a very convincing story, and it makes you believe that game with a strong story is worth playing. The best thing about Firewatch is that narrative of the game changes based on your decisions. This means you can plan this game quite a lot of times and take different decisions and relationships every time and see how the game narrative changes.

One thing should be kept in mind that this game involves adults with adult conversations. So, we would recommend that only gamers above 18 years of age should play it.

Far Cry Primal

Far Cry PrimalAre you a fan of Far Cry series? Well, even if you are not then this release is a MUST play game for you. It is entirely different from the previous series and takes you back to the stone age. You are on your quest of finding your tribe’s people and establishing your tribe all again. Since there are three different tribes in the game. Therefore, you may face a lot of challenges on your way to finding your tribe’s people.

One interesting thing about the game is that it allows you to tame different animals. You can tame and train them and use them for your benefit. For example, Jaguars will help you in killing your enemies without alerting the huge groups of enemies. In short, a silent killer. However, it is important that you play with different animals and master the skill of using them in the best possible way.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Div-This is definitely one of the best 2016 PC games. You will enjoy both single and multiplayer modes of the games. It would not be wrong if I place it in one of the best strategy games of 2019. You have to come up with proper strategy and have to be tactical in order to complete the missions of the game.

One thing is clear that as you progress in the game, the complexity level keeps on increasing. So, you have to increase your level of game the ability of forming strategies.

The Witness

The-WitnessA very interesting game but somewhat different from the traditional games. Unlike many other games, you will not find any tutorial in this game to start with. All you have to do is learn and master the game on your own. It may annoy you, but this is, in fact, the best thing about the game. The initial levels are comparatively easy. And this is where you have to learn to master the game. Keep your focus right and see every move you make and the result you get to complete the complex stages with ease.

However, at any stage, you find yourself with no clues at a complex stage. Then it is better to go back to initial stages and play them again. I am sure you will find something helpful.

These games are already available in the market. If you have not played them yet, then you should because these are the best 2019 PC games!