Tom Clancys the Division

Tom Clancys the DivisionIn the game of division, if you are not fit then you have nowhere to call home. You will find that you spend plenty of time sprinting from one place to another and living with on incremental snacks. You will need all the energy you can get to face the challenges thrown at you. You will only get the snacks once you complete some shallow side missions. The persons you will be forced to fight against will be soldiers with very full tummies thanks to the superhuman health bars that they consume which are more than enough to feed an entire family!

Set in the ruins of Manhattan, the Division is about an open world RPG co-op cover shooter who is sent into the city to try and bring about a semblance of federal civility. The city went under ruins following a rough bout of Black Friday bioterrorism that succeeded in sending the city into a mini-apocalypse. The shooter’s job is to find and shoot anyone that is highlighted in red.

You will have to sprint between icons in an open world while relying on the traditional RPG mechanics of the game. The game is a collection of side missions, random combat encounters and story missions that are strewn throughout the world. You have the choice to either tackle the missions on your own or seek companionship from friends or strangers (three) via matchmaking. Whereas the open world is limited to your and your team, when you enter safe houses, you will enter small social hubs of sorts where chances are high that you will run onto other players.

When playing with teammates you will notice that the combat is on a tense and challenging side. When faced with intense fights conversations you will have with your teammates will fall into a natural rhythm that is based on abilities and weapons that you may have.

In Division, bad decisions are punished with a vengeance. For example, if you stay in one place for long then you will get flanked or if you stay out of over for long then you will get shot.

In most cases you will have to defend a given point from enemy waves. Overall, the story around the Division is poorly communicated that focuses on having to kill half the people in the city in order to save it. It also touches n simple, material rewards that can be got throughout the game.

Our rate: 6/10