About Us

The advocates of the geek culture have become the powerhouses of the modern world in the first decade of the XXI century. This is truly the greatest time to be a fan of video games and everything that has to do with them. Gaming consoles are not the norm anymore, as new technology allows people to be connected and play from any device thanks to the internet. There is something in this industry that caters to everyone, from old-timers who watched the birth of video games to newcomers who will live to see more powerful systems and surprising developments. All of them can look for refuge in the gaming community.

Trapped Dead is here to offer such a place to anyone who loves video games as much as we do. Our little corner on the internet is a fortress where gamers can learn anything about the latest developments in the gaming industry as well as the means to handle your existing gaming devices in ways that you didn’t even dream it would be possible. The team behind Trapped Dead is composed of people who truly love video games and want to share their most objective points of view about anything deserving attention in the industry. We strive to be much more, and that can only happen if you are willing to take this ride with us.

In Trapped Dead we do our best to get to the core of each topic we touch on each one of our posts. We play the games, we do the hacks, and we try each one of the emulations tutorials we propose. Our ultimate goal is to make gaming fun and offer the tools for you to think outside of the box and lead you out of your comfort zone. The world of gaming is vast, the kingdom of gamers go beyond barriers and borders. We have the means to be the biggest brotherhood out there, and it’s time we realized that. In Trapped Dead we work to inform you, the player, how gaming companies are working to please your senses.