PS2 Smart Emulator for Android & iOS – When Nostalgia Calls!

Sony started to make rumbles on every corner of the internet when the rumors a PlayStation 2 Classic leaked out to the press. To this day, they haven’t made an official announcement about a date of release or the games that will be included on it. Maybe they have been feeling a bit discouraged on the project since the PS1 Classic was such a hard flop for them. Putting those facts aside, I have great news for you! If you are aching to play a lot of PS2 classics, you can use PS2Smart emulator app in your smartphone or tablet right now.

PS2 Emulator Android

PS2Smart and The Door to the Past

I will be the first one to call out my surprise when I found this app. You probably have heard about emulating technologies, and well they fare on their own. Nothing like that has come the way of smart technology. The only way you get to play video games is when publishers release mobile versions in the Google Play Store or the Apple store. If you search for these releases, you will feel disappointed as much as I was with many of them. PS2smart is here to save us from our sorrows and bring back the old days of endless gaming in our tablets or smartphones.

I tracked down the developers of PS2Smart and asked them some questions about their app. I was pretty impressed with their achievements. As you can imagine, I can’t even reveal a fake name for them because I fear Sony could track them down. These guys are the real deal, a team of developers so devoted to gaming that they have made it possible for everyone to play these ancients gems of gaming on their modern devices. The way they did it was truly a sight to see. The first thing they explained was about cracking down code, and I’m about to share that with you.

The Magic Behind PS2Smart

As great as the PS2 was, it’s a gaming system that is already 20 years old. The specs for the basic frame of the PS2 are already obsolete. Many modern smart devices are already ten times more powerful than this old console. The team simply took the basic features of a few established emulators like the PCSX2 and worked out all the issues regarding BIOS features. They managed to compress all these utilities into a single app, and they offered it to whoever wants to play PS2 games on their website. If you don’t believe me, you can head right to their website and check for yourself. You won’t find this app on the PlayStore or in the Apple’s AppStore.
Instead, they host iOS and Android Apk applications inside their own servers. It’s probably their decision why they keep it private.

Download PS2Smart App

You can find PS2Smart App listed on World of Demonicon’s emulators collection page, along with many other cool emulators.

Once you have downloaded the app, you only have to fire it up. You can choose to play streaming your favorite PS2 games as long as you have a powerful Internet connection. If you rather avoid lags and load times, you can download the games directly to your smartphone. All files will be presented in .ISO format. The controls will be displayed on the screen once you are playing. You only need to tap them as you did in your old Dualshock controller. PS2Smart PlayStation 2 emulator is undoubtedly one of the biggest treasures you can find on the internet. Don’t be left out and try it out!