Wargaming Without Miniatures – Are You Really Wargaming

portable wargaming

Robert Cordery and his portable wargames – I love it!

Do you really need miniatures to wargame? And if you do, then what exactly are you doing if you are not pushing model soldiers around a tabletop?

A comment I came across last year while using virtual tabletop software to wargame set me thinking. I laid out a battle on this blog and was essentially told I couldn’t be added to a gaming archive as I wasn’t really wargaming. Oh it was said politely – and I paraphrase the saying of it. But it Continue reading

Lidl Goes Wargaming

Lidl wargaming matWhile wheeling my trolley around Lidl (don’t give me that look – I happen to like their mayonnaise… and their crisps… and their beer… and their, well you get the point) I made a most interesting find.

Wait! This is not a blog post about my grocery preferences, but rather the fact that I found an awesome wargaming product in Lidl’s aisles.

What was this treasure? Have they Continue reading

Wargaming 18th Century Style

King George I FirstBeing an avid reader of Charles S. Grant and his scenario creations, I’ve been itching to try some out. The majority of them seem to be horse and musket so I needed to get in to that period. As a creative person, the thought of conjuring up a couple of Imagi-Nations (or fantasy nations that are based on real nations) was also very attractive.

After much poking around on the web, I decided to get in to some horse and musket gaming at the start of the period – around 1700 to be exact. But why did I chose that particular period?

It’s a good question, and there are actually several Continue reading

WarGaming Battle Report – Chain of Command Goes Bedknobs and Broomsticks

While I was reading the TooFatLardies’ 2013 Christmas edition (My recommendation by the way) the words dropped out of my page to reality. If you still didn’t try to put your pawns on this one, do not delay 🙂

Bedknobs and Broomsticks was one of my favorite movies when I was a child. Now I forgot exactly why, as I’m not musical type of guy, and those effects inside the movie were pretty lacking even for the ’70s.

It was while showing my daughter the movie a couple of months ago that I realised what it was. There was a German beach landing at Continue reading

Game Testing Cartouche & Bridge Demolition

Wurttembergtrumpeter figureNow that I have gotten more comfortable with Piquet Master Wargame Rules, I have played a couple of games of Cartouche, the 18th Century supplement that I will be using for my Imagi-Nation games.

I have to admit that, after the first playthrough, I thought there was too many rules to remember. However, after my second playthrough I found that the game was much easier and I Continue reading