PS2 Smart Emulator for Android & iOS – When Nostalgia Calls!

Sony started to make rumbles on every corner of the internet when the rumors a PlayStation 2 Classic leaked out to the press. To this day, they haven’t made an official announcement about a date of release or the games that will be included on it. Maybe they have been feeling a bit discouraged on the project since the PS1 Classic was such a hard flop for them. Putting those facts aside, I have great news for you! If you are aching to play a lot of PS2 classics, you can use PS2Smart emulator app in your smartphone or tablet right now.

PS2 Emulator Android

PS2Smart and The Door to the Past

I will be the first one to call out my surprise when I found this app. You probably have heard about emulating technologies, and well they fare on Continue reading

Lara Croft GO Mobile – The Old Saga Returns in a Modern Way of Playing

You can place fault on Square Enix for caring about their customers on mobile devices. Since getting ownership of some of the most popular IPs out there they have been doing their best to bring these ever-popular franchises in a way that is enjoyable for gamers on their smartphones, they made a first attempt that went well with Hitman GO. Now they are doing the same with Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider.

Lara Croft Go Screenshot gameplay

The name of this game, of course, is Lara Croft GO and it’s available for iOS and Android players. The GO after the name implies a trend that we hope they keep following: they take the basic premise of the game and twist it into something very simple and enjoyable for any player. Casuals and longtime fans can enjoy these types of Continue reading

Run PS4 Games on PC & Mac with PS4 Emulator Program

PS4 EmulatorAll the games out there must be familiar that some of the titles are exclusively launched for PlayStation4. You cannot play these ones on your Windows computer or Macbook. This is quite annoying because if you do not own a console, then you are doomed. You cannot curse the developers for making games PS4 exclusive. They do it mainly after analyzing the market. So, at the end of the day, you are only left with disappointment and misery.

Now, what if I tell you that there is a way to play PS4 titles on your Windows or Mac machine? Would you believe that? I am sure most of you would be laughing at me right now because this seems impossible. But let me tell you that we are in an era where there is no such thing as impossible at least in the world of technology.


This is true! You can play PS4 exclusive games on Windows or OS X computers. Thanks to a group of developers working on an ultimate PS4 emulator for PC & Mac.
It can be downloaded from
UPDATE: They now made the app available for mobile devices too, with Android as “.apk” or iOS systems.
This new software helps in creating a Continue reading

Why Today’s Games are Less Creative and Losing Ground to Old School Games

It’s unwise to say that technology is cyclical, every day we can see how a rather large number of tech companies are putting out new products every single day to make life easier. Hardware-wise is just plain foolish to compare the power of a Nokia 5120 to a Samsung Galaxy S9. When it comes to video games, thing certainly gets weird because in this niche it’s where this sentence lose all sense.

Final Fantasy 9 Best RPG

Let’s take a look at the current state of the market: 2019 is just Continue reading

Wargaming Without Miniatures – Are You Really Wargaming

portable wargaming

Robert Cordery and his portable wargames – I love it!

Do you really need miniatures to wargame? And if you do, then what exactly are you doing if you are not pushing model soldiers around a tabletop?

A comment I came across last year while using virtual tabletop software to wargame set me thinking. I laid out a battle on this blog and was essentially told I couldn’t be added to a gaming archive as I wasn’t really wargaming. Oh it was said politely – and I paraphrase the saying of it. But it Continue reading

Lidl Goes Wargaming

Lidl wargaming matWhile wheeling my trolley around Lidl (don’t give me that look – I happen to like their mayonnaise… and their crisps… and their beer… and their, well you get the point) I made a most interesting find.

Wait! This is not a blog post about my grocery preferences, but rather the fact that I found an awesome wargaming product in Lidl’s aisles.

What was this treasure? Have they Continue reading

Wargaming 18th Century Style

King George I FirstBeing an avid reader of Charles S. Grant and his scenario creations, I’ve been itching to try some out. The majority of them seem to be horse and musket so I needed to get in to that period. As a creative person, the thought of conjuring up a couple of Imagi-Nations (or fantasy nations that are based on real nations) was also very attractive.

After much poking around on the web, I decided to get in to some horse and musket gaming at the start of the period – around 1700 to be exact. But why did I chose that particular period?

It’s a good question, and there are actually several Continue reading

The Beginner’s Guide to Play League of Legends Champion Mastery 7

League of Legends is one of the greatest games online, and every expansion makes the game more complicated to new players. The difference between low tier inexperienced gamers and professional can be quite discouraging. Mid-tier players are also faced with these challenges since they are struggling to make it to the top of the ranks, either by dedicating a lot of time to the game or by making some substantial investments.

LoL Champion Mastery 7

Approaching League of Legends Champions Mastery 7 – The Right Way

If you are aiming for professional LOL matches, one of the first things you learn is to have a team composition that is diverse and versatile. Many players make the mistake of looking to hit constantly the larger champion pools where experts tear them apart easily. While it’s true that champions challenges are Continue reading

WarGaming Battle Report – Chain of Command Goes Bedknobs and Broomsticks

While I was reading the TooFatLardies’ 2013 Christmas edition (My recommendation by the way) the words dropped out of my page to reality. If you still didn’t try to put your pawns on this one, do not delay 🙂

Bedknobs and Broomsticks was one of my favorite movies when I was a child. Now I forgot exactly why, as I’m not musical type of guy, and those effects inside the movie were pretty lacking even for the ’70s.

It was while showing my daughter the movie a couple of months ago that I realised what it was. There was a German beach landing at Continue reading

Game Review: Red Dead Redemption 2 (For PS4 / XBox One)

Red Dead Redemption 2 iPhone cover - Samsung Galaxy

A video game needs to break some boundaries to impress anyone these days. Some of the most successful games on 2018 are using well-known formulas that have worked in the past. Then we have the Red Dead Redemption 2 that somehow has managed to take the top spot on the collective minds of gamers after the onslaught that was Spider-Man for the PS4 just a couple of months ago. The new offer of Rockstar Games might just be the best-looking video game of all time, even more than Uncharted 4, and Black OPS 4. The game feels and plays like know-how of open world that feels full of endless possibilities. Is a statement by the studio that gave us the open map dynamic along the consequences for everything we do on as we play on it. It shows what true technical evolution looks like and it’s probably the best video game of the Continue reading

Best Skyrim Mods Exposed!

Skyrim modsSkyrim is definitely one of the most favorite game of many gamers on the Internet. Thanks to the developers for releasing different new patches and mods to keep the game interesting. All these patches and mods have not only induced a new life in the playing but has also kept gamers interested to continue having fun with this masterpiece.

Apart from the official developers, some other developers and Skyrim lovers are also working on different mods and they have managed to release some highly interesting mods which have not only changed the looks but also the gameplay.

Here is a list of some MUST have skyrim mods.

Project Optimization
Ever felt that your game lags or it is skipping some frames per seconds? Well, this happends if you are using some classic and high end lighting mods just like ENB and Realistic Lighting. We would recommend you to try out the project optimization mod. It will definitely offer you a much better gameplay and will make sure that your game does not skip any frames.
Download here

Performance Texture
If you are looking for a better gameplay with better Continue reading