PS2 Smart Emulator for Android & iOS – When Nostalgia Calls!

Sony started to make rumbles on every corner of the internet when the rumors a PlayStation 2 Classic leaked out to the press. To this day, they haven’t made an official announcement about a date of release or the games that will be included on it. Maybe they have been feeling a bit discouraged on the project since the PS1 Classic was such a hard flop for them. Putting those facts aside, I have great news for you! If you are aching to play a lot of PS2 classics, you can use PS2Smart emulator app in your smartphone or tablet right now.

PS2 Emulator Android

PS2Smart and The Door to the Past

I will be the first one to call out my surprise when I found this app. You probably have heard about emulating technologies, and well they fare on Continue reading

Run PS4 Games on PC & Mac with PS4 Emulator Program

PS4 EmulatorAll the games out there must be familiar that some of the titles are exclusively launched for PlayStation4. You cannot play these ones on your Windows computer or Macbook. This is quite annoying because if you do not own a console, then you are doomed. You cannot curse the developers for making games PS4 exclusive. They do it mainly after analyzing the market. So, at the end of the day, you are only left with disappointment and misery.

Now, what if I tell you that there is a way to play PS4 titles on your Windows or Mac machine? Would you believe that? I am sure most of you would be laughing at me right now because this seems impossible. But let me tell you that we are in an era where there is no such thing as impossible at least in the world of technology.


This is true! You can play PS4 exclusive games on Windows or OS X computers. Thanks to a group of developers working on an ultimate PS4 emulator for PC & Mac.
It can be downloaded from
UPDATE: They now made the app available for mobile devices too, with Android as “.apk” or iOS systems.
This new software helps in creating a Continue reading