Republique – Suspense All Around

Republique screenshotThis game starts with a lot of questions and suspense. A girl name Hope calls you for some help. It’s a mystery why she called you. Why she needs help? You have no idea about hope or her situation, but you can judge from her looks that she is frightened and desperately looking for some help.

Republique is an episode game. The first episode of the game has a lot to offer. The strong characterization along with a pretty decent story line helps the game to establish its own identity. Throughout the game, you will not be able to interact directly with the main character of the game ‘Hope’. You will have remote communication with her through security cameras and mobile phones.

Using the security camera, you will help Hope throughout the game to make sure that she can take the guards out and escape the containment facility. At times, she may call you to help her out of challenging situations.

Using the security camera, all you have to do is help her come up with a strategy to help her. One interesting thing about the game is that as you switch between two cameras the time freezes. This helps you to analyze the situation in a better way, come up with strategy and go through emails. Interesting, right?

While reviewing this game, I enjoyed it. And helping Hope throughout the game is one heck of a good feeling. And the moment she completes one area without any trouble makes you feel like a real life hero. Now this is a very rare feeling one can have while playing the game. I must say that developers deserve an accolade for this.

A lot of questions will pop up in your throughout game. You have no idea or clue why you are helping Hope to get out of the containment facility. And to solve this mystery I kept on playing the game. At some point, you may find the game dull but then all of a sudden you will find something to keep you interested in the game.

Republique is a very different game from the ones we have lately reviewed. It has the mystery, strong storyline, pretty good gameplay and a lot of unanswered questions to keep you interested. However, you may find it a bit dull and boring at some point.