Best Skyrim Mods Exposed!

Skyrim modsSkyrim is definitely one of the most favorite game of many gamers on the Internet. Thanks to the developers for releasing different new patches and mods to keep the game interesting. All these patches and mods have not only induced a new life in the playing but has also kept gamers interested to continue having fun with this masterpiece.

Apart from the official developers, some other developers and Skyrim lovers are also working on different mods and they have managed to release some highly interesting mods which have not only changed the looks but also the gameplay.

Here is a list of some MUST have skyrim mods.

Project Optimization
Ever felt that your game lags or it is skipping some frames per seconds? Well, this happends if you are using some classic and high end lighting mods just like ENB and Realistic Lighting. We would recommend you to try out the project optimization mod. It will definitely offer you a much better gameplay and will make sure that your game does not skip any frames.
Download here

Performance Texture
If you are looking for a better gameplay with better looking armor and clothes, then this mod is tailored made for you. It will not only improve the overall quality of the clothes and armors but it will also reduce the files size. This will help you in enjoying an overall improved performance. So, with this single mod you will get better graphics and performance.
Download here

HUD Clock
At times you feel the new of having some extra information on your screen while Skyrim. This new exclusive mod will add a clock on the screen. The best part is that there are multiple fonts and skins available for the clock. So, you can choose something which attracts you the most.
Download here

Book Covers
It may not appear as important as the above mentioned mods but still it is a decent mod. Who does not want to get a better looking graphics? This mod will help you to get high quality and attractive covers for all the books within the game. Interesting, right?
Download here

High Level Enemies
If you are hardcore Skyrim gamer, then you should be familiar that at later stages the difficulty level drops. So, this is where this new mod plays it part. It will help you to boost up the power, strength and overall performance of your enemy. Thus, allowing you a perfect gameplay.
Download here

Try these mods and share your feedback in comments.