Xbox One and 360 emulator bundled inside one application

Awesome news for gamers is coming just in right time when summer vacations are knocking on our doors.
Developers of PS3Mobi – successor of PlayStation 3 emulation app are now built one more project for Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. Both of these are bundled into one single application, which is supported for desktop computers & smartphones too!

Xbox 360 Emulator

So players can now enjoy playing those Microsoft’s console games on their Android phones, iPhones (iOS) or PC with Windows or Mac OS systems.

Where all this goes?

I will give you my honest opinion as a gaming publisher who regularly follows all news, updates and rumors and staying active in this filed for years.
– My thinking is that in very near future consoles market will drop drastically. It will not fully collapse, because there are tons of people who prefer playing games on their consoles because you can connect it on a large screen HD smart TV¸and enjoy playing games while lying on your couch.
But as a result of today’s rapidly life tempo, many people are often in hurry and rushing somewhere. So these ones will rather get an emulator app and play console games on their smartphones while traveling in bus or at their work/school break.

So overall count of apps of this kind for smartphones will increase even more while time pass. On the other side, desktop ones will keep their users because there are always PC preferred players who will rather play PS4 or Xbox game on their precious computer pet rather then on console. Some people unfortunately can’t afford themselves buying a PS4 or a Xbox One so getting an emulator is much easier and cheaper solution for them.

Where I can download it?

Check out its official website: BolXEmu
This emulator, which is called “BolXEmu” can be found on its Instagram page too.
There you have its official webpage where you can download the app for free.

Xbox One Emulator

App is working on Windows (x32 & x64), Mac, Android (Apk) and iOS operating systems.