Republique – Suspense All Around

Republique screenshotThis game starts with a lot of questions and suspense. A girl name Hope calls you for some help. It’s a mystery why she called you. Why she needs help? You have no idea about hope or her situation, but you can judge from her looks that she is frightened and desperately looking for some help.

Republique is an episode game. The first episode of the game has a lot to offer. The strong characterization along with a pretty decent story line helps the game to establish its own identity. Throughout the game, you will not be able to interact directly with the main character of the game ‘Hope’. You will have remote communication with her through security cameras and mobile phones.

Using the security camera, you will help Continue reading

Top 10 Open World Games to Play in 2019

Games have evolved over the past years, and it gets better than the previous game releases you know. From the first person shooter to the linear campaigns, games continue to excite old and new gamers. Have you tried to play open world games? If yes, are you excited for the upcoming games this 2019?

Well, you would be thrilled to know these upcoming games are making a good vibes to Continue reading

Top 5 PC Games of 2019

We have already seen a long list of PC games releasing in 2019. Most of the new games have already established a huge fan following and are getting popular day by day. However, for someone looking to play some newly launched and good PC game it can be a heck of a task to pick one game. So, to make your life easier here is our list of five best PC games of 2019. This list will help you in deciding which game you should play next.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3This release is for true gamers. By if any means you are not a hardcore gamer or you are someone who does not want to play the same level again and again until you fix your slight mistakes to complete the level then I am sorry this game is not for you. You will enjoy this game to the fullest when you try to learn from your failures and not repeat the same mistake again.

It will not be wrong if I say “it follows hit and trial method.” In Dark Souls III you will have Continue reading

Tom Clancys the Division

Tom Clancys the DivisionIn the game of division, if you are not fit then you have nowhere to call home. You will find that you spend plenty of time sprinting from one place to another and living with on incremental snacks. You will need all the energy you can get to face the challenges thrown at you. You will only get the snacks once you complete some shallow side missions. The persons you will be forced to fight against will be soldiers with very full tummies thanks to the superhuman health bars that they consume which are more than enough to feed Continue reading

Game Testing Cartouche & Bridge Demolition

Wurttembergtrumpeter figureNow that I have gotten more comfortable with Piquet Master Wargame Rules, I have played a couple of games of Cartouche, the 18th Century supplement that I will be using for my Imagi-Nation games.

I have to admit that, after the first playthrough, I thought there was too many rules to remember. However, after my second playthrough I found that the game was much easier and I Continue reading

Why LEGO Universe Failed

LEGO Universe Ninja Tree

Last week, Eurogamer broke the news that LEGO-based MMO LEGO Universe would be shutting down on January 31st, 2012, only 15 months after servers first went live. According to LEGO group executive Jesper Vilstrup, the game was well received and had over 2 million active accounts, but “unfortunately, we have not been able to build a satisfactory revenue model in our target group.”

LEGO Universe strikes me as one of those games that should have worked really well. Most kids in this country played with LEGOs, or at least knew what they are, and they remain some of the most open-ended imagination fodder around. I used to stage battles between a pirate ship and a royal frigate before I discovered I could disassemble them and create a freakin’ bomb-ass Super Mega Ship. This play concept should have benefited immensely from translation into digital form. Sure, the LEGO Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones games are popular, but those only scratch the surface of the Continue reading